5 Benefits of Having 2 Serves of Vegetables added to Your Workout Meals

5 Benefits of Having 2 Serves of Vegetables added to Your Workout Meals

Key benefits of vegetable intake that assist with your health and fitness goals

Did you know that the average Australian adult only consumes 7% of the recommended serves of vegetables daily?! (1) Curious about your daily vegetable requirements? They vary based off gender and age. The Australian Guide To Healthy Eating have a calculator here (2)

At Workout Meals we are proud to be able to claim that all our meals contain 2x serves of vegetables of variable colours and crunchy tastes. Below our expert Sports Dietitian shares WHY our delicious meals were formulated this way:

1. Vegetables are high in fibre to fill you up

Workout Meals High Fibre

Science has proven that dietary fibre slows gastric emptying, increases perceived satiety (feelings of fullness) and plays a significant role in appetite regulation (3). By bulking our meals up with veggies, you will truly feel satisfied.This could mean you are less likely to overeat, reach for sugary snacks mid afternoon and stick to your suggested nutrition goals or meal plan. Maintaining a healthy weight or shaping up has never been easier!

2. Fibres found in vegetables have also been seen to play a role in preserving healthy gut bacteria and aiding with digestion

Healthy gut bacteria assists with nutrient absorption, maintaining immunity, regulating mood, keeping organs functioning optimally and protecting against bowel cancer.

Fibre also impacts the rate of digestion of foods and the removes waste through the colon. Training without bloating, gas or discomfort is always a win and means you can really feed your potential!

3. Nutrients in vegetables impact energy and metabolism

Our body needs energy from carbohydrates, proteins and fats to stay alive and fuel an active lifestyle. However, to release energy (calories/kilojoules) from these macronutrients, specific vitamins and minerals found in vegetables are required.

A great example are the B group vitamins found in leafy greens, peas, broccoli and asparagus.

Workout Meals Salad

4. Vegetables contain immune nutrients such as Vitamin C to keep you well to train

It’s impossible to train or exercise when you feel unwell with a cold. Vegetables are high in antioxidants like Vitamin C which support immunity and prevent sickness.

Some examples of vegetables in our meals that are high in vitamin C include tomatoes, red capsicum, lemon, lime, cauliflower, broccoli and berries (in our breakfast meals). Our tasty Thai Green Curry is the perfect example.

5: Vegetables are tasty and provide a large balanced ready-made meal

You may have noticed that our meal sizes are bigger than other competitors on the market. This is because we have included so many high quality vegetables on top of plenty of protein and sustaining carbohydrates! Our meals will keep you feeling satisfied with their generous portion size.

Workout Meals 2 serves of vegetables

Vegetables increase the flavour profile of a meal, add some textured crunch and enhance its visual appeal. These meals were perfectly curated to maximise your enjoyment and experience whilst eating, whilst also helping you to Fuel Up, Recover, Rebalance or Shape up. Check out our ranges on our MENU page.







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