Nutritionally Designed for Weight Loss, Muscle Gain & Convenience

Choose Your Meal

Select from the menu or customise and order a meal plan. You have over 50+ options to choose from available in 3 sizes.

It's Prepared Fresh

Your meals are prepared by qualified chefs from quality ingredients in a hygienic, food safe and HACCP certified kitchen.

Delivered To Your Doorstep

We deliver to locations across Australia including Sydney Melbourne, Brisbane, Gold Coast, ACT and more.

Heat & Eat

Meals are packed in specially sealed containers and can be stored for up to 7 days when refrigerated. Just heat before you eat.

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Get Started with A MEAL PACK

Select a Meal Type to Match your Fitness Goals & Customise it to Fit Your Tastes & Needs

Work Out Meal packs

Slim:Best suited for losing weight

Up to 300 grams

Select & customise
Work Out Meal packs

Lean:Targeted at lean muscle gain and fat loss

Up to 400 grams

Select & customise
Work Out Meal packs

Mass:Designed for big eaters looking to gain muscle mass

Up to 550 grams

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WHY Workout MEALS?

We Fuel Your Workouts

Taking away the headache of preparing and planning meals so you can concentrate on your workouts

Safety & Quality Assured

Our facility is HACCP accredited and we take your safety and the quality of our meals very seriously

Fresh & Healthy Meals

Food is prepared fresh to order using the best produce to meet nutritional needs for different goals

Sealed for Freshness

Meals are delivered in specially designed containers that preserve the freshness for Up to 7 days when refrigerated

Are you fueling your body with the right pre-workout meal?

At Workout Meals Pty. Ltd., we believe the key to eating healthy is enjoying what you eat. Our team of nutritionists and chefs work with the top suppliers in Australia to source the best local ingredients to create a wide assortment of delicious Workout Meals for you to choose from. Always fresh and never gassed or frozen, our meals have a shelf life of 7 days.

We offer home delivery in Sydney, Central Coast, Newcastle, ACT, Brisbane & Gold Coast, Melbourne, Geelong & Adelaide and Woollongong to Nowra

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How do we differ from others for your MEALS?

  • Workout Meals Pty. Ltd. provides you with the utmost nutritionally balanced,calorie controlled, and meals with high protein.
  • Our experienced chefs cook the food for you under the guidance of our nutritionists.
  • NO Cleaning and NO cooking, so we save a lot of your time. We have a wide variety of food to choose from.
  • Our gym meals are customisable according to your preferences and dietary requirements.
  • Our team is always on the hunt of perfect nutrition for fitness meal delivery, and fuel the body with powerful nutrients, tailored for your everyday use.

Who Can Benefit From Our Fitness Meals?

Workout Meals Pty. Ltd. offers healthy meal plans that are customised to help you with weight loss, add up muscle and help you feel good.

  • You are looking to perform your best in and out of the gym.
  • You are aspiring to look better in and out of your clothes.
  • You are dedicated to eating only wholesome foods—or hoping to be.
  • You are always super busy, and have an ever growing to-do list—with zero time to prepare your healthy work out meals meal or portion.
  • You have accumulated a considerable amount of weight recently and are looking to get back in shape, and are badly in need of a fitness meals plan that supports you.
  • You hate eating bland diet food—you expect your gym meals to taste delicious and be good at the same time for you.

We’re sure that you will love our tasty, organic work out meals, made with premium ingredients by the professional chefs. We understand that everyone is different and has unique tastes and needs. We will be glad to hear your needs and help you with the right fitness meal delivery. Discuss with our customer success team today via chat, call or email, and they will take care of the rest!

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