Holly Lost 80kg | Inspirational Story | Workout Meals

Holly Lost 80kg | Inspirational Story | Workout Meals

Holly Lost 80kg & Is Feeling Super Proud


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Tell us about your experience on Workout Meals?

One of the great things about Workout Meals is the freshness of the food. I have bought ready-made meals in the past and they haven’t been up to scratch. But these taste so good you would honestly think they were made that day.

What’s it like to 80  kilos?

I have lost 80kgs over the past few years and have managed to maintain that. I can’t even begin to explain the confidence it has given me. I used to just sit at home, on the couch watching TV, I hated going out! Now I love getting all dressed up, going out and socialising. I now love exercising, I feel so much happier & so much healthier it has completely changed my life. It has been the best thing I have ever did.


What is your favourite Workout Meals?

My favourite Workout Meals is Thai Green Curry with Cauliflower Rice. I usually tend to avoid curry because it can be really high in fat and really high in carbs. But not this one! This one is delicious, its healthy and I am so excited that I can finally eat curry as well as maintain my weight.

Was there anything that surprised you from Workout Meals

I was really surprised by the variety of food that Workout Meals had to offer. I always thought that losing weight meant having to eat boring chicken breast, broccoli and brown rice every night, but it really isn’t! I have been eating fried chicken, hot chips, mashed potato and all these foods that I would have never dreamt about if I was trying to lose weight. But I am eating them and maintaining my weight and I feel amazing, it’s so good!

Do you have any tips for others on the transformation journey ?

My advice to anyone on their weight loss journey is preparation! Preparation is the key to success. Do meal prep, organise your snacks and protein shakes on the weekends ready for the week ahead. Get your gym bag ready, leave it at the front door the night before so you are ready the next day. If you take the time to be organised you will have great success.


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