Common Sense Nutrition: Nutrient Timing

There are a lot of pretty strong opinions to do with nutrient timing, especially as it relates to training. Before you worry about when to eat your foods, you need to ensure that you are eating the right foods in the right amounts (calorie deficit) first. That includes not skipping meals and not overindulging on the weekends. You need to find an eating plan that balances your essential macro and micronutrients and that you can stick with over the long term. Once you’ve got that sorted, then you can start thinking about nutrient timing. 

The basics of nutrient timing revolve around eating your carbs close to your training session. This will fuel your body to provide the energy you need to train. Taking in carbs after your workout, will replace the glycogen you have used up during the workout and fuel your muscles for recovery. But these protocols will not promote fat loss if you are not in a calorie deficit at the end of the day!
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