Nutritionist mum shares her 12 secrets to weight loss

Nutritionist mum shares her 12 secrets to weight loss

Weight Loss For Mum's 

Weight Loss for mums workout meals

Weight loss is not some big secret, although some people like to think it is. The underlying basis is a DECREASE in overall calories (a calorie deficit) and MOVEMENT. With a healthy focus on ensuring you are eating your vital Macronutrients (macros) Fats, Carb and most importantly PROTEIN!

Now I am not here to tell you to cut out fizzy drinks, muesli bars, ‘diet’ foods and hot chips, because they all have their place. However, eating nutrient rich foods assist with mood, skin, rest and recovery among many other things.

I am not just talking from the view of a nutritionist who would give out a plan that you need to stick to lose weight. I am talking from years of experience with clients and my own weight loss journey.

To tell you the truth I have learnt way more about weight loss post 3 babies then I did during my degree in Nutritional Medicine, even when I was competing as a fitness model  because now I had to lose weight for a lifestyle change that worked for me, my kids and work, not a 12 week plan or a goal to win.

This time it was for me and how I wanted to feel healthy and fit!

After my first baby I had put on 20kg, sure half of it comes off over the weeks post baby but the rest does not come off without some effort. The place I focused most of my effort was with nutrition and walking to budge the weight. Then when I had that down pat I re introduced weight training for shape. But the biggest thing was I was consistent not just for a week, or a month, I was CONSISTENT all the time. Sure some weekends we went out for dinner or pizza or didn't walk or exercise, but overall I was CONSISTENTLY more on track then not.



3 Key Principles to focus on for weight loss

1. Nutrition

Calories In vs Calories Out play 90% of a role in weight loss. Think of your fat cells like a cup. You fill it up with calories, and you empty it using energy. Breathing, standing, walking, sitting down, getting up, carrying even eating and sleeping, this is referred to as your NEAT Non-exercise activity thermogenesis. Your body needs fuel to function. However, if you keep filling the cup up and up with excessive calories and not producing enough energy to burn it, it overflows, and that over-flowing is excess body fat. If you keep this over flowing up, over the years 2kg here and 3kgs there in no time you wonder how you gained 10+ kgs.

2. Movement

Following on from the cup, a great way to empty the cup is through further energy expenditure. Additional steps each day and daily exercise, anything from strength training at the gym, Pilates and HITT workouts are a great addition for weight loss.


Do not get unmotivated after a few weeks in and do not swap and change diets. Just keep being consistent with your calories deficit and getting your movement in each day. In 4, 6, 12 months time you will notice unbelievable changes that will stay with you for life.


Now Let's Get Down To My 12 Secrets

1. Choose something that works for you

Weight Loss for Mums

Choose foods you actually enjoy eating, and that also work with your family, so you are all trying to eat the same meals together. Don't make it difficult including a lettuce salad with no dressing if you know damn well, you're not going to stick with it.

2. Track Your Food

Track your Food My Fitness Pal

This is the biggest part. First so that you know what calories and macros you are consuming each day. But it also educates you on what food you choose to consume, for example you may want a 200g lamb roast, but realise if you change this to 200g chicken breast you reduce your meal by 100cal allowing you to have this elsewhere. You have not given up your food but made a smarter choice to allow for more volume of food.

3. Portion Control

Ready Made Meals

If you find it difficult to track your food, portion control is a great alternative. A palm size piece of protein, a fist of starchy carbs and 2 palmed cups of veg/salad. If you are new to this, ordering pre prepared meals from a company that are calorie controlled can take all the guesswork out of it.

If you need help you can also join the WM360 program for mum and I personally will help you with your journey.

4. Hit Your Step Targets

Weight Loss Workout Meals

Minimum 10,000 steps a day! For myself when I am trying to budge the last few kgs I hit 14,000 min as 10,000 for me is a norm running around after kids. However for an office worker 10,000 steps would be double your daily steps. Keep that cup half full!!

5. Choose Foods Where You Get Bang For Buck

Weight Loss Workout Meals

Swap your food for things that give you more volume, for example swap 1 cup rice for ½ cup rice + 1 cup Cauliflower rice mixed together.  You double your food volume for less calories. White meats such as chicken, fish and pork have lower fat content than red meats, this means they are lower in overall calories, which will allow you to consume slightly more food to meet your calorie target.

6. Try Intermittent Fasting

Now I am not a fan of Fad diets or even anyone fasting for a specific time, but I do like to adapt some of the thought process of intermittent fasting. Basically they have a small window of time they consume all their daily calories in. This works well for busy people in the morning or people that get peckish throughout the day. I have my breakfast at 9 or 10 as I am not overly hungry in the morning but then allows for my meals to be closer together during the day stopping me snacking in between.

Meals and Snack Time Would Look Like:

  • 10am Breakfast
  • 1pm Lunch
  • 4pm Snack
  • 8pm Dinner

You don't need to follow any specific timings; you just need to be hitting your calorie deficit.

7. Make a Shopping List

Be prepared with the food you want to eat so you don't get stuck having to come up with a plan for takeout. Having your house stocked with fresh food is key to not snacking on unnecessary calories.

8. Start Your Day The Right Way

If movement energises you, get your exercise or walk done first thing in the morning. It will kick start your day on the right track.

9. Where "Diet" or "Light" Foods Can Come In Handy

Of course there are going to be times when you want something more indulgent but you still want to be consistent. These ‘light’ options while not overly nutritious do have a low calorie marker allowing you to easily fit these into your day while still remaining in a deficit. If having something sweet or that you love is going to keep you motivated and not feel like you're deprived then include these for yourself. I personally enjoy a coke zero and a low cal muesli bar on the run.

10. Learn How To Cook Different To Make It Low In Calories

Here is a key tip to not change up your whole life. Change the way you cook. For example, swap deep frying for baking. Make chicken schnitzel drizzled with olive oil and baked in the oven. Or make your own salad dressings, shop bought dressing can have sugar you would not add at home. Let's save the sugar for our chocolate.

11. Don't Cut Things You Love Out

Don't miss dinners out with friends or work drinks, popcorn and slurpees at the movies. These are all memories and fun you share with people. No diet should take that away from you. Enjoying these on occasions without tracking, guilt or even a second thought is a must to keep a healthy balance. People come when people do it every Friday, Saturday consistently without factoring that into their week.

If I sat you down for 1 healthy meal would you lose weight… NO, so an outing here and there is not going to make you gain weight.

12. Set Goals, Not Just Body Composition 

Setting goals based solely on your weight which fluctuate, not just from body fat can be unmotivating when you're not seeing the results but putting in the effort. Set other goals to train weight 3-4x a week, increase the weights in those sessions, and measure fitness markers. As Well as the basics, if you're feeling more energised and happy looking after yourself. The results will come.

Weight Loss for mums

Best of luck on your weight loss journey! But if you need help you can always join me in the mum's WM360 program.

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