Quick Low Calorie Snack to Lose Weight

Quick Low Calorie Snack to Lose Weight

Quick Low Calorie Snack

Quick & easy low calorie, low carb and high in protein snack recipe, made by Workout Meals Nutritionist Gemma.

The best high protein/low carb snack. A great alternative nutritious for snacks at work or on the go, so ditch the protein bars for these yummy boats that are bursting with nutritious micronutrients.

Eggs are a great alternative to meet hitting your protein requirements and mixing chives, salt and pepper (or any other herbs you like) gives it a boost of micronutrients. Plus, the high water content in cucumbers can help keep you hydrated. As well as provide a fiber boost to help you stay regular.



- 1 Cucumber

- 2 Boiled eggs

- 1 tbs Chives (fresh)

- Salt and pepper to your taste.



1. Cut cucumber in half-length ways.

2. Scrap out the seed section to make a ditch or boat shape to hold the egg mixture.

3. Peel 2 boiled eggs and roughly mash them in a bowl.

4. Mix in chopped chives, salt and pepper.

5. Fill the cucumber boats with the egg filling.

      You could make the egg mixture and store in an airtight container for up to 3 days (leaving it at home or work), this way there is no prep time every day. Just fill the boats when you want to eat.




      Carbohydrates: 4.5

      Protein: 12.5

      Fats: 7.6

      Calories: 136.4

      Watch our Nutritionist Gemma make this quick low calorie and high in protein snack!

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