Week 2 – Getting it done!

Week 2 – Getting it done!

You may have seen on Facebook and Instagram that I have well started the process of the “Transformation”. Week 1 started mid-week so there was a lot of “working things out”. Now in week 2, it is time to properly implement the plan.

My Starting macros are:

Protein: 235

Carbs: 240

Fats: 70

Calories: 2530

Weight: 100kg!


My biggest challenges:

My biggest challenge for this week was getting into the swing of things while also having a cold. Getting it done with a sore throat and a blocked nose wasn’t the ideal situation to start with; however, I did not want to use something as simple as that as an excuse. I also now drink about 4 litres of water a day. This sort of is a synonym for constant visits to the toilet (which doesn’t help when you are in meetings at work!). But hey, it’s a small price to pay to get in shape!

My next struggle is pulling myself out of my comfort zone and have Robbie push me in the gym whilst having Matt pushing me with Conditioning HIIT sessions and still do sessions on my own. My way to combat this is trying something as simple as a slogan: Just “Nike it”… Don’t look for any excuse; just get it done. I use the same way of thinking whilst working out my own; Just do it. Follow the program provided by an expert, have faith, don’t look for an excuse and reach a level of compliance needed for the plan.

Lastly, just like everyone else, I need to put in my own Workout Meals orders and this week I actually forgot! So, with the few Workout Meals I had, I then had to steal some from other employees in the office fridge at work. On top of that, I had to try hard making up hitting my macros whilst keeping fibre in mind. Quest bars helped me in this department! Having a shortage of Workout Meals made it very hard, but I got there in the end.


My biggest wins:

My biggest win this week was actually starting my transformation properly and having a dip in weight. On top of this, I am actually inspiring others around me to start their own transformation which includes family, friends and people online. That I did not see coming!

Another great win to boost the motivation is purchasing some new gym apparel. All my gym clothes were old and worn out. Purchasing some slick Muscle Republic apparel actually gave me a boost as I felt better during my workout. Check out their range for guys and girls if you are interested www.musclerepublic.com . Muscle Republic is an Australian company which makes the coolest apparel.

Coming up - I have an event that I am invited to this weekend. There will be lots of food and drinks. I don’t know exactly how to handle this obstacle in my second week of transformation? I don’t want to fall off track so soon, but I also don’t want to be “that person” that brings my ‘Workout Meal’ to an event.

Stay Tuned and find out!


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