Week 3 – Dieting while at a family function

Week 3 – Dieting while at a family function

My Biggest challenge:

You don’t want to be “that guy” at a event or family function that brings a Workout Meals or some Tupperware to make sure you are staying on track.

You still need to live a life and not be “that person”. I was invited to a family event that had lots of food. The party was half Croatian and half Lebanese so there was lots of cevapi and baklava for the taking.

I am in a calorie deficit so I don’t want to be “to” risky.  This is where some logical “guess” work comes into it. Being in a strict calorie deficit I don’t want to guess on high calorie dense foods, so I went for the low calorie dense foods. I guessed the weights and entered it into my fitness pal to stay on track. This is what my plate ended up looking like.

Chicken breast with pumpkin and Greek salad

My Biggest win:

Its always great to have supplement shipped to your house!  Its like receiving a present.

I received a EHP Protein delivery to the office.

EHP Protein : Assists me with hitting my macros at the end of the day, if I have a remainder to hit my target I have a protein shake at the end of the day.

BCAA: I put in my water and sip on it while I workout.

Oxyshred and L Carnitine: I drink 20 minutes before my workout for a pre workout boost.

My Favourite Workout Meals for this week:

Chicken Breast with basmati rice and mixed veg! IT is one of the basic meals we have on the Workout Meals menu but Protein is the hardest macro nutrient for me to hit. So I always have at least one of this particular meal a day. Offcourse Workout Meals make it much easier for me, as I just pop it in the microwave and DONE!

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