What's New In The Workout Meals Kitchen

Workout MealsAt Workout Meals, we never stop evolving in safety, technology and nutrition and our kitchen has been going through some upgrades over the past few months to bring you an even better Workout Meals experience.

As part of the upgrade, and innovation in new technology, we have introduced two new state of the art machines in our kitchen both of which have had a huge impact. These machines have enabled us to increase our cooking capacity thereby resulting in the success of Next Day Delivery in Sydney and other cities to follow shortly and opened more delivery days so you have more options to choose when to receive your meals resulting in faster delivery times.

We are proud to announce that we can now increase our delivery capacity whilst ensuring that our meals retain their freshness and taste even better.


The first machine is the Mondini. It is a world leader in meal sealing technology.

The revolutionary sealing science holds the flavour in the meal and keeps them fresher for longer. The Mondini vacuum seals the meals so the product visibility is far superior to other ready-made meals out there.

The second machine is the most advanced scale in the world, weighing each ingredient in your meal for 100% macronutrient and calorie accuracy. If each ingredient of the meal is not the correct weight, the Marco will pick it up and not pass it onto the Mondini for the meal to be sealed and then packed. By adding this to our kitchen it ensures that each meal has the correct nutritional information before leaving the kitchen and delivered to you.

The combination of our world-renowned chefs preparing and cooking your Workout Meals, together with our degree qualified nutritionists ensuring each meal is macro and calorie friendly and now the Mondini and Marco, your Workout Meals will be fresher and tasting even better, making it easier for you to achieve your health and fitness goals or simply, enjoying your ready-made Workout Meal.

At Workout Meals, we pledge to continually innovate to enhance your experience with us . Even though we strive for perfection, we are realistic enough to know that sometimes we may fall short, so if you can, please send us any feedback that you have that can help us help you.

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