Why You Should Choose Organic Food

Organic Food

Benefits of Organic Food

Organic foods are those that are grown without any type of man-made substance being applied to it. The soil in which the food is grown must also be 100% natural, without any fertilisers or other contaminants. The food must also be free from any of any genetically modified internal cell structure known as genetically modified foods. So, is it worth paying that extra amount?

The answer is yes.

The extra cost involved in opting for the organic options will provide you with some very real benefits. Let’s check them out.

Organic Food Tastes Better

You only have to try eating a piece of organic fruit after being used to non-organic to appreciate that organic food tastes better. That is because the chemicals that are used to enhance the growth and longevity of foods negatively affects their flavour.

Organic Food is Better for You

organic foodA large number of the pesticides and chemicals used in food production have been listed by the US Environmental Protection Agency as possible causes of cancer. These potential cancer causes are, of course, absent from organic foods. So, while eating organic foods will not prevent you from getting cancer, it will reduce your chances of doing so. Organic foods also contain more nutrients than non-organic. That’s because the pure growing methods, rich soil and lack of contaminants prevent nutrient loss and enhance healthy growth. The result is that an organic food can have as much as 50% more nutrient value than its non-organic counterpart.

When you buy organically produced meats, you know that you are getting a top-grade cut. Organic 'meat' comes from when animals are raised on a certified organic farm, which is your guarantee that the animal has grazed on completely chemical-free pasture (no artificial pesticides, herbicides or fungicides). If an animal does become ill and is treated with antibodies, any food product that is later derived from that animal must not be classified as being organic.

Going organic will help to boost your body’s immune system. You will be getting a far richer supply of health-giving nutrients to fortify your body’s natural defences against illness. At the same time, you will be avoiding genetically modified foods that have been shown to negatively impact the immune system. Animal tests have shown that GM foods reduce the output of the immune system while also enhancing sensitivity to allergens.

Eating Organic Gives You Confidence

When you buy non-organic foods, you never know what you’re getting. In effect, you are gambling with what you are putting into your body. But when you go organic, that uncertainty has been removed. You know that everything that you put in your mouth is going to be a benefit and not a detriment to you.

Going Organic is Good for the Environment

Organic Farm

When you go organic, you are casting your vote for the environment. Non-organic farming leaches harmful chemicals into the environment. They then make their way down in the underground water table. This can cause widespread, deep down contamination, which can lead to contamination in birds, fish and other wildlife.

When you take the decision to switch to organic foods, you give yourself the opportunity to support your local environment. It is a great opportunity to support the local Farmer's Market. There you will find far fresher fruits and vegetables than anything you’ll get at your supermarket.

Bottom Line

The bottom line on organic foods is that, if you care about your health and what goes into your body then you should seriously consider making the switch to organic. You may end up paying a little extra for your food, but that will soon be outweighed by reduced medical costs and enhanced overall health and vitality.

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