Workout Meals Inspirational Story | Natasha

Workout Meals Inspirational Story | Natasha

Natasha lost 30kg & Is Feeling Inspirational

Workout Meals Weight Loss

Tell us about your experience with Workout Meals?

 My experience with Workout Meals has been fantastic. being a Personal Trainer 80% of the time I am not home, I am either in the office or out on the floor training clients and I need convenience, a healthy a delicious convenience thats packed with macro and micronutrients.

Why did you choose Workout Meals?

 The reason I chose Workout Meals is because this year I really wanted to hit my health and fitness goals. Being a Personal Trainer, being busy and being on the go you need food thats delicious healthy and ready.

Tell us about your body transformation journey

I have lost 30kg through my own weight-loss journey and I learnt the importance of having a healthy, balanced and nutritional lifestyle and I am going to continue staying with Workout Meals because not only are their meals delicious but they are packed with punch! They are filled with macro and micronutrients which is so important to continuing to hit my health and fitness goals and even just to maintain a well balanced lifestyle.


What did you like best about Workout Meals food?

There is so much that goes into each one of these meals, it's not just about throwing the meals together and giving it to the general public, you can tell there is so much behind each meal. When you see the macro and micronutrients in each meal and its so delicious not only am I  achieving my health and fitness goals but I am feeling good from the inside out.

What is your favourite Workout meal?

My favourite Workout Meals is Healthy Butter Chicken. It is filled with so much flavour an it is super delicious. No longer do I have to wait to the weekend and have my cheat meal! 

How has workout meals been changing your life?

Its made such a big impact the fact that being a Personal Trainer I am always busy and always on the go. Losing 30kg I am very cautious about what I put into my body and having meals this delicious filled with my macro and micro nutrients I am more then happy to have this daily because I am aware of exactly what I am putting into my body, all the ingredients are there fuelling my body with the right food.

Would you recommend Workout Meals?

I would definitely recommend Workout Meals to all my friends and family because they are so delicious and so good for you! The meals have so much flavour but not only are you fuelling your body with the correct macro and micronutrients which is so important for your health and fitness goals. They are also very convenient with my fast paced life stye and reaching the goals I am looking to achieve.

What would you say is the best thing about Workout Meals?

The fact that they are so delicious & convenient. One of the hardest things I find is being able to get take out that is actually good for you with the right nutrients. Having meals like Workout Meals fuelling my body with the right nutrients that I need to achieve my health and fitness goals and I am finding that I am hitting my goals and sustaining a healthy and well balanced life style.

Do you have any tips for others on their transformation journey ?

Never give up! I know sometimes it does get hard and I have had my moments where I want to give up. I feel like I am not achieving my goals, but it will happen and it will come and one of the things I can definitely look back on is the fact that I kept going. I kept coming in, I kept putting my heart in and I did lose 30 kilos! If I can do it, so can you! 


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