Workout Meals Success story | Gemma | Nutritionist

Workout Meals Success story | Gemma | Nutritionist

Our Very Own Nutritionist Gemma Tells Her Own Success Story As a Mother Of Three


Tell us about your experience with Workout Meals?

I have been using Workout Meals for the last 12 months to lose weight following my 3rd baby, and the reason why I love using Workout Meals is the experience I get with delivery. So, I know 1st hand the nutritional value of these meals is very good compared to other companies. But not every company has a turnaround time on delivery like Workout Meals does.

So, when I have a really busy week and I am just not keeping on top of things because I have 3 kids running around plus working. I know I can jump on last minute to Workout Meals and have meals in no time which kept me on track to keep losing that weight. I am a nutritionist and personal trainer, so I have the knowledge to lose weight and keep in shape. But at the same time, I have the same issue as everyone else, I am busy and I get tired!


Tell us about your body transformation journey

My journey with weight loss has had its up and downs and as I am a nutritionist & personal trainer, I do have the tools and knowledge to get back to the shape after having babies. In saying that I am not someone that snaps back quickly. But I do I know how to be consistent, and I have had a lot of practice over the years of how to stick to the plan and how to get back to where I want to get to.

I am not a mum that snaps back into shape quickly, I do have to put in the effort. It took a good 6 months for me to feeling like myself again. When you have work commitments on having to feel like I need to look a certain way because I am a nutritionist can put extra pressure. So, I am very lucky that I have Workout Meals behind me to support me on my journey because I don’t have the time with 3 kids and a job to make my nutrition a priority. That is now maybe 2nd or 3rd compared to other things I have going on in my life. So having Workout Meals makes it extra easy to keep me on track by having It done for me really makes me keep consistent.

Previously I was a bikini model competitor, so I went from 51kg to falling pregnant with my 1st child and gaining 20kgs which took me about 12 months to lose through training and good nutrition. Back then it felt like there were no people to let you know its ok to take your time and nourish yourself through that period. Then when I had my second baby, I went from being a 55kg female to putting that weight back on and then I did it a third time! I am not someone that snaps back quickly, but I can relate to those people who do put on weight during pregnancy. As I said I am a nutritionist & don’t pig out on everything but I do tend to put on quite a bit of weight.


What’s it like to lose the weight?

Its amazing! Obviously for the first couple of weeks it does take time to get in the routine of things. You are going to have times where you fall off track and that’s why we say transformations take time. It may take 4 weeks, 6 weeks, 6 months or a year! But you do those changes over time, and you feel so much better for it.

When I was overweight, when I was a good 10 to 15 kilos over my normal weight and my clothes don’t fit! I feel uncomfortable, I have kids hanging off me and I can’t even wear the clothes I previously wore. So, I had to go out and by new clothes for my wardrobe that I don’t even like or feel comfortable with. So being able to lose that weight and be active with my kids and feeling comfortable in what I am wearing, regardless of if it’s to go to the beach or going out. Feeling healthy and happy in my body is important.


What is your favourite Workout Meal?

My favourite Workout Meal has to be the chicken parmigiana. It just has everything I could want! Yes, it’s a low carb meal so it is great for weight loss, but it just has everything you could possible want! It’s got your side of veggies, it’s got chicken, cheese and sauce.

I know it’s going to be lower in calories because it hasn’t got those added carbs. It’s a great lunch but if I want it for dinner, I know I have a few more calories up my sleeve so I could add my own mash or any sides that I want because it’s such a low calorie meal


Would you recommend Workout Meals?

I would definitely recommend Workout Meals for people that are either in weight loss or muscle gain. They are just really good quality, taste really good, they are so efficient with their arrival time and I have actually refereed this out to all my cousins and friends. I know my friend’s dad is having them at the moment and I have another cousin that just gets the lunch pack. So, we are all in a little community that consumes Workout Meals.


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