Body Transformation Success Story | WM360 | Jason

Body Transformation Success Story | WM360 | Jason

 Jason Lost 10kg & Is Feeling Accomplished

Workout Meals Success Story

 Tell us about your experience on WM360

Workout Meals 360 experience was a very positive experience overall, everyone all the way through from the chef, the trainer and my personal nutritionists was more than accommodating throughout my whole experience with Workout meals.


Why did you choose WM360

I chose WM360 due to the flexibility and the tailored program that was for me. Also, the vast variety of meals that were on offer was really appealing to me at the time when I first started my fitness journey and one that I would recommend to others as well


Tell us about your weight loss journey

Throughout my Workout Meals journey, I started at 90kgs and then I ended finishing the program at 80kgs. So, I lost a whole 10kgs while doing the Workout Meals program 


What did you like best about Workout Meals food?

What I like best about the Workout Meals foods was the versatility across the whole menu, all the way through from Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner. As well as that most foods incorporated ‘normal’ foods that we wouldn't think that we would include in a diet


What is your favourite meal on WM360?

My favourite meal across the Workout Meals menu including Breakfast as well as Snacks - would have to be the Low Carb Moussaka


Was there anything that surprised you on the WM360 program?

The thing that surprised me the most on Workout Meals 360 was the value exchange. So, we’re not only paying for the meals, I got extra add-ons which was inclusive of the package including my own Personal trainer, Chef and also Nutritionists


Can you tell me about your coach in the WM360 program?

Robbie, my coach was phenomenal from the get-go on my Workout Meals fitness journey. He obviously factored in a lot of my needs especially with last year's lockdown then resulting in a working out program that I do at home. Obviously with Gyms being closed. As well as that, factored in any needs or wants that I wanted to put into my diet plan as well


How has Workout Meals been changing your life?

Workout Meals has changed my life as it's taught me the value of counting my Macros being Protein, Fats and Carbohydrates. As well as that, being on this diet and this food journey, it has also taught me that I can eat pretty much whatever snacks and foods that I want and still obviously drop weight as the results have shown me


Would you recommend WM360?

110% I would recommend Workout Meals 360, it's a pretty good deal in terms of what you’re paying. So, you obviously get your foods each week and you can get them in 7, 14 or over 21 days. As well as that, you get your own Personal Trainer, Nutritionists as well as your own Personal Chef. As well as that it obviously teaches you how to count your Macros and obviously accountability as well which is pretty good


Have your friends of family or even work colleagues reacted to you losing the weight?

Most definitely a lot of people have reacted to the weight I’ve lost over this fitness journey with Workout Meals 360. Especially, going into Lockdown and then coming back out when you see people, they can obviously tell the major difference which is a true testament to the Workout Meals program and the journey that I was on


What would you say is the best thing about being on WM360?

The best thing about being on Workout Meals 360, would have to be the flexibility. So not only obviously the flexibility to work out at a gym or at home but also the flexibility to fit it in your lifestyle. So obviously depending on if you’re a 9-5 working in the office type you can obviously move your fitness program around that as well as food consumption. Obviously, that would probably be the best thing about Workout Meals 360. As well as that, having your Coach on hand as well, to just send them a message if you have any questions or issues obviously, they’re there pretty much instantly for a response to help you out


Do you have any tips for others on their transformation journey?

Some tips for others on their Workout Meals 360 transformation would have to be accountability. Now, this could be in both aspects of working out so make sure you follow the program that your Coach gives you. As well as that, counting your Macros to the absolute gram. What I found that helped me the most was to use a digital scale and as well as that you can track it through MyFitness pal app.


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