Workout Meals Testimonial | Pauline

Workout Meals Testimonial | Pauline

Workout Meals Testimonial - Pauline

My name is Pauline and I started having Workout Meals about a year ago.

As I was trying to keep track of my macro intake in line with the physical activity that I'm having on a weekly basis so by macro intake I mean having meals that are high in protein and low in fat.

These meals are very fresh, and the ingredients are very clean. I find them very tasty. But also it’s very time consuming for someone like me who has a very active day-to-day life. Going to work and then coming home pretty late, I have these popped into a microwave in two minutes it's ready.

My favourite one must be the feta and almond chicken and sweet potato fries and the second one is the chicken schnitzel and spicy sweet potato wedges.

I highly recommend buying workout meals if you're after something clean and healthy.

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