Our Story

The journey began in 2012 when Tomi and Dean, the brainchild behind Workout Meals®, discovered a significant gap in the market for delicious calorie controlled work out meals for people devoted to maintaining their overall fitness after expending many perspiration laden hours at the gym without the ability to access desirable meals which would facilitate their fitness goals.

Back in 2012, with no experience in food preparation, but energized by a passion in all areas of fitness and wellbeing, Tomi and Dean methodically started the challenging but exhilarating journey of researching and experimenting with food groups and compositions which could enhance the workout experience no matter body type, gender, age etc.

With Tomi’s avowed dislike of meal preparation at home coupled with Dean’s enthusiasm for combining different food groups, Tomi and Dean determined that the gap in the marketplace related to calorie controlled but delicious meals for those seeking to improve their overall health and fitness.

Why Choose Workout Meals

We keep everything real at Workout Meals®; each meal has been designed by a certified nutritionist and real authentic chefs with the purpose of helping Australians to achieve their health & fitness goals.

We pride ourselves on ensuring that all ingredients are seasonable, fresh & taste delicious because they’re sourced from Australian and New Zealand ingredients only.

We have specifically designed meal plans to support you along your fitness journey whatever your workout is.

With busy lifestyles and having a healthy conscious in mind, being time-poor has never been easier, because you can browse through our menu on the go or at home and then sit back and await for your delivery to be delivered directly to your door... 

Workout Meals®
Workout Meals®
Workout Meals®


We keep everything real at Workout Meals®; each meal has been designed by a certified nutritionist and a real restaurant chef with the purpose of helping Australian men & women to achieve their health & fitness goals whilst being conducive to overall good health and vitality.

To ensure that all of our produce is fresh, healthy and of the highest quality, we have carefully selected our suppliers, grow our own produce, and we work closely alongside who we work with in a partnership approach to ensure every meal is filled with the highest quality ingredients. Our meals contain no added hormones, no preservatives, no antibiotics, no colorants, no synthetic substances and are completely BPA free.