Success Story | Workout Meals | Andrew

Success Story | Workout Meals | Andrew

 Andrew Lost 5kg Comfort Weight Post Covid Lockdown

Workout Meals success story

Tell us about your experience with Workout Meals?

I heard about Workout Meals from a friend, I heard its a great local food service and it was healthy, it was tasty and it was something that would allow you to get onto the right track with your nutrition. I tried it at the end of 2021 and I am still using it to this day and I have not looked back.

Why did you choose Workout Meals?

Over lockdown I had allot of comfort food and put on allot of bad weight. I was sitting at about 75kg and over a 3 month period I managed to trim down to a lean 70 and managed to put on some good muscle mass. I used Workout Meals to help me get there in terms of the right macros that I needed.

What did you like best about Workout Meals food?

It's two things I liked best about Workout Meals. Firstly you honestly don't expect the food to taste as good as it does, it did not feel like a chore eating it at all you actually look forward to the meal. Secondly the macros and the wide menu, you have your high protein meals, high carb meals, low carb meals, high fat and low fat options. There is so many options it would just have whatever you need. It is also very quick to find you favourite meals like I have.

What is your favourite Workout meal?

It comes down to two for me. I love the protein pancakes it gets me started on my days for breakfast it taste real good. For lunch or dinner I don't think I can go past the beef bolognese pasta its really good!

Was there anything that surprised you about Workout Meals?

Honestly I was expecting to order Workout Meals and just have to "stick to it" and "grind through it" in terms of eating the food to get my macros and nutrition down but I didn't expect to taste as good as it did, that was the biggest surprise for me with just how good allot of the menu options are.

How has workout meals been changing your life?

Workout Meals saved me alot of time and allot of stress. I saved alot of time cooking in the kitchen and saved me alot of stress with knowing exactly how much protein carbs and fats are in my meals and to plan out those meals throughout the day. Its so simple with Workout Meals, you just choose whatever menu options you want and you plan your nutrition that way and it saves so much stress

Would you recommend Workout Meals?

I would absolutely recommend Workout Meals for anyone out there looking to get their nutrition down and looking to try a new food service. Workout Meals is the way to go!

Have your friends or family or even work colleagues reacted to your body transformation?

As I said over lockdown I have put on a bit of weight and over a 3 month period I took out a program to lean out and put some muscle mass on. I didn't see the changes myself because its a gradual change every day so I don't really see it myself. But not having seeing friends and colleagues for a couple months they noticed the difference straight away. Alot of that was down to putting in the time in the gym and committing and committing to a good nutrition plan and Workout Meals was the tool that allowed me to execute that nutrition plan to perfection.

What would you say is the best thing about Workout Meals?

The best thing about Workout Meals is that there is a menu option for everybody, there are so many options and they all taste amazing. You can get your nutrition right, just get it right!

Do you have any tips for others on their transformation journey ?

My biggest piece of advice for someone undertaking a body transformation journey is to just stick with that first month and be consistent. The first month is going to be the hardest thing both physically and mentally to get yourself in that routine. Wether it be putting in the work physically or putting in the work to cater to your new nutrition plan, your new habits and your new way of eating, it's the hardest part. If you just stick to it, you will get through it and Workout Meals was a large part in helping me achieve that.


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