Workout Meals success story | Ambassador | Jacinda

Workout Meals success story | Ambassador | Jacinda

Jacinda Before & After Bulk 

Before & After Bulk Workout Meals

Tell us about your experience with Workout Meals?

Super chilled, super relaxed, really great company and the meals are really good quality. Such a big life saver as I have tried out multiple food prep companies before & I have found quality with Workout Meals.

Why did you choose Workout Meals?

Being a competitor I need the lower carb and lower fat options and Workout Meals has way better macros to suite that. So I never felt like I was off track.

Tell us about your body transformation journey

I have been transitioning in my offseason for the last 2 years, so I have just being trying to grow as much as possible. My aim is to do my pro show this year. So at the moment I am in the process of putting on quality muscle & size.

What did you like best about Workout Meals food?

The best thing is knowing what you get with the macros that are set. I have tried previous meal prep companies before where they seem to have so much excel oil residue. So it felt like I was off track with other meal prep companies. Now I follow my meal plan, track everything without having excess carbs or fats. Its amazing and my meals are dairy free so its good!

Would you recommend Workout Meals?

If you have a hectic work schedule, these guys are so convenient so I really appreciate it.

Have your friends or family or even work colleagues reacted to your body transformation?

I am really blessed to have the best support group so everyone has been really positive and there for me during my grind for the last few years. I am keeping it consistent because what I am doing is working.

What would you say is the best thing about Workout Meals?

The freshness, the quality the taste and convenience and just how good the delivery system is as well.



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