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Workout Meals®
Workout Meals®
Workout Meals®


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Workout Meals ™
Workout Meals ™
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Why WM360 Body Transformation

As the saying goes “you can’t manage what you can’t measure” and so our body transformation specialist will provide reliable science-based knowledge and support to reach your body transformation goals and to feel good in your own skin.

Achieving a healthy diet plan for weight loss and muscle gain while optimising your health does not need to be confusing or overwhelming - our body transformation online coach is patient, have empathy and bring
loads of positive energy to WM360’s body transformation program.

Our personal trainer and nutritionist are passionate online coaches
which will be with you every step of the way to achieve your body
transformation results and compliance. Our body transformation coach can cater to either a home workout plan or a gym workout plan.

WM360 personal trainer and nutritionists are highly skilled at
monitoring progress by setting achievable short term weekly goals.

Workout Meals®

By signing up, and telling us a bit about you, WM360 will gift you with:

Workout Meals®

Personal Trainer

Our team of qualified personal trainers and nutritionists will design your Body Transformation fitness program based on your fitness goals which will be accessible for you in our WM360 app. We cater to both home workouts & gym workouts plans.

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Workout Meals®

Personal Nutritionist

Our team of qualified nutritionists will work with you to create your personalised nutrition meal plans that will help you achieve your body transformation and fitness goals.

You will be able to speak with your
personal nutritionist via the WM360 app. They will be there to support you, answer any questions you have and guide you through your journey to achieving your body transformation and fitness goals.

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Workout Meals®

Personal Chef

Our team of world-renowned chefs
work closely with your body transformation specialist to ensure that your meals don’t just
meet your daily macro and calorie intake but also taste amazing.

Your meal plan for weight loss or
muscle gain diet plan will be delivered fresh, weekly to your doorstep.

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You’ll receive all of this at just the cost of your meals.

All this VALUE is FREE with a no commitment Workout Meals weekly meal subscription.

Are you ready to achieve your body transformation dreams? Have the lifestyle you want and deserve.

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Workout Meals®Workout Meals®Workout Meals®

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